Nutrition is the "blind spot" of parenting today

and sadly our children are paying the price.There’s a tremendous need to educate families and children on the importance of proper nutrition. Realizing this need, a group of concerned moms have formed Healthy Families International,  a not-for-profit organization with a mission to impact families with healthy lifestyle education.

Grace & Natalie Soeter

Founding Director & Program Director

Our founding director, Grace Soeter, is a health educator, chaplain, music teacher and inspirational speaker.  She was inspired to found HFI after experiencing wellness from lupus, an autoimmune disease, through food therapy.  After a decade of educating over 10,000 children and families, she now has teamed up with her daughter, Natalie, who is a private chef, wellness advocate and has her nutrition certificate from Cornell University.  They are creating a wellness community to inspire healthy eating and lifestyle all over the world.

Our Vision

We desire to create a world where children are not stats for childhood obesity and having shorter life expectancy than the parents. We want to reverse disease and bring healing and wholeness whether it is cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or autoimmune disease.  We believe health begins with the family…. in the kitchen. 

Join our mission to inspire healthy eating and healthy living around the world.

Our Recipes

We believe in providing free nutrition resources for those who desire homemade, high quality, nutritious and most importantly delicious meals. A wide range of ethnic foods, healthy and sweet desserts, quick and easy meals…etc. Check out the recipe tab to explore these recipes!