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Life Is Adventure


I’m Natalie. I am an adventure enthusiast who has ventured herself into the city of Los Angeles as a private chef. It did not just happen this way….at all. I was a biology major in college, I went to Azusa Pacific University where I served in missions all four years. I thought I was going to be a doctor, and be the HERO to the sick and needy. Well, turns out 4 years post grad and I am medical degree-less and more so a hero in the kitchen to some the amazing families in West LA. God sure does have a funny way of creating space for us to create the lives we were called into. I guess being a chef full time is one of those things that I could never have created for myself. I am not trained in culinary arts, do not have mentors in the field or years of experience. Just an interest in creating space for people to eat and have good conversations. So I made meals for friends in high school…I always invited them over for food cause I knew they would be more inclined to join 🙂 Hospitality is a gift my parents have passed down to me and my two sisters. We love hosting and creating a space for others and food is the KEY.

This is where this blog can be of assistance for both you and I. I wanted a space where I can organize my recipes and memories. there is always a story behind each meal and I want to share those with you. Just so you know…I am a trial and error person. The amount of meals that were sub par is A LOT…but when this is your day job, it gives you a little cushion to try new things. So all the recipes I put up are only the ones I TRUST


So if you trust me, you can trust the meals.