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Hi, I’m Grace

My name is Grace Soeter and I am Natalie’s mom and partner in this adventure
of healthy living. Having recovered from lupus, an autoimmune disease through
nutrition plant therapy ( click here to hear my story in more detail) I believe in the
power of plants to nourish and protect our bodies. This first hand healing
experience was not something I could keep to myself. I educated myself on
nutrition and started to educate other moms and families. I heard speakers like
Dr David Katz from Yale University say, “This is the first generation where our
kids will have shorter life expectancy than the parents. This has never happened
before in the history of mankind. There will be more premature deaths from poor
eating then from smoking, drugs, and alcohol combined.”

This was shocking
news to me and I felt we needed to do something about this growing obesity
epidemic. So I gathered like- minded moms and developed fun interactive
programs that we did in homes, libraries, churches and schools. That was the
beginning of the founding of Healthy Families International. We have educated
over 10,000 children and families over the years. Now we are partnering with the
younger generation to impact even more families.

Besides being a health educator and health coach, I enjoy combining my musical
background and chaplain experience at Loma Linda Medical Center to help
people embrace holistic healing. I am presently in the Doctor of Ministry
program at Fuller Seminary to pursue Spiritual Direction and write my
dissertation on Shalom: Wholeness in Mind, Body, and Soul. Music feeds my
soul so I am learning the Celtic harp to add to my arsenal for healing and
restoring peace.

I love cooking and tasting ethnic foods and traveling all over the
world. I would love to do Shalom Retreats at beautiful sites all over the world.
We have hosted many internationals at our home and run English camps for
Chinese students each summer and winter. My wonderful pastor/husband, Dr.
Matt Soeter, and I just started our house church, The Gathering, on Sunday
nights at the Abba House in Norco, CA. Besides doing music together, we also
have been introduced to pickleball and ballroom dancing. ( My type of fun
exercise) In order to enjoy life to the fullest, we need our health in mind, body
and soul. May you seek for true inner Shalom in your life today.

I am so excited to team up with my daughter, Natalie Soeter, who is a private
chef, entrepreneur, fitness and wellness advocate. She received her Nutrition
Certificate from Cornell University. We are passionate to inspire healthy living
around the world and to develop a community of health conscious individuals.
We want to create fun educational events to make nutrition and healthy living fun,
practical and doable. There are simple solutions that is available to all.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Healthy Families International
community, please contact us. If you would like to have us schedule a
presentation for your group, please fill out our Presentation Information Request.