Grace Soeter

Founding Director
Grace is a health educator/ health coach, chaplain, music teacher and inspirational speaker. She was inspired to found HFI after experiencing wellness from Lupus, an autoimmune disease, through whole food nutrition therapy and has been medicine-free for over 18 years.
Being an educator she developed many nutrition workshops to educate as many children and families about healthy eating and healthy living.  With the federal grant money, Grace and her team of moms have been able to go into low-income schools in San Bernardino County and present Be Smart, Eat Right program to over 10,000 elementary children. Grace has educated in libraries, community centers, churches, homes, hospitals, clinics and corporate settings all over the country. Recently, Grace is passionate about integrative healing of mind, body, and soul and is developing Shalom Health Coaching and Shalom Retreats. She is presently working on her Doctorate of Ministry in Spiritual Direction from Fuller Theological Seminary. She is an
entrepreneur starting several organizations including two non-profits. She is a mother of three grown daughters and many internationals and resides in Norco, CA with her husband, Dr. Matt Soeter. If you are interested in joining our HFI Community please contact us. If you would like to
have us schedule a presentation for your school or group, please fill out our Presentation Information Request.

Natalie Soeter

Hey, friend!

My name is Natalie Soeter, and I believe that wellness and healthy food can and should be a tool to enhance your life—not limit it. I believe in the power of prayer and the power of a bottle of wine, shared between friends. I believe in the power of whole food nutrition to heal and nourish your body but also think a good bowl of ice cream can soothe your troubles. I believe in educating others on the premise of longevity while at the same time indulging in yummy everyday life. 

I believe feeling your best is a way of thinking, living, and showing up for yourself by taking informed action based on education you can trust. Our mission is to help people turn daily practices and actions into long-term habits that improve your health. 

At HFI, we make it simple to learn the science of nutrition and the art of healthy living. We support our community with  evidenced-based health and nutrition, common sense style and delicious recipes. Getting healthy can actually be fun, easy and long lasting.

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Lifestyle changes are 

Learn about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle including practical ways to destress for maximum health, vitality and productivity.

Fun interactive learning about eating right for cellular protection and fueling for performance.   Practical suggestions and lots of handouts.  Great for school sports teams, club sports teams, college sports teams and weekend adult athletes.  

Fun interactive learning about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.  Guess the sugar game, Good Fats, Bad Fats,  Rainbow Foods, Traffic Light Eating.   Great for children, teens, parents and all ages.   Great handouts on Healthy snacks, lunches.