Be Smart: Eat Right

Be Smart: Eat Right is a one-hour presentation for kids ages 6 and up AND their parents, featuring games, puppets, songs, and drama. 

Watch our 5-minute video overview of the Be Smart, Eat Right program!

Topics covered include:

  • Guess the Sugar Content Game (Guess how many sugar packets are hiding in popular food items)
  • Traffic Light Foods (red (bad) green (good) yellow (caution))
  • Nutrition Spy Kids (Learn to read food labels and look for things to avoid, like partially hydrogenated oils)
  • Rainbow Foods (Learn about the different colors of fruits and vegetables and why we need them in our diet every day)
  • Phytos the Germ Buster (Learn how phytochemicals help keep our bodies healthy)
  • Officer McHealthy, who inspects lunchboxes with hilarious results!

Would you like us to bring this interactive presentation to your school, community center, or other organization? We can adapt it to fit your unique setting and needs. Just fill out this brief form and we’ll contact you to set something up!