Learn about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle including practical ways to destress for maximum health, vitality and productivity. Great for small businesses and corporations.  Reduce your healthcare expenses for your employees.  Lunch and learn events or special wellness events.  

  • Fun interactive learning about eating right for cellular protection and fueling for performance.   Practical suggestions and lots of handouts.  Great for school sports teams, club sports teams, college sports teams and weekend adult athletes.  

    Advisor:  Nicole Hummel: Registered Dietician specializing in sports nutrition.  Former professional tennis player.   Sports Panel may be available as well.  
  • Fun interactive learning about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.  Guess the sugar game, Good Fats, Bad Fats,  Rainbow Foods, Traffic Light Eating.   Great for children, teens, parents and all ages.   Great handouts on Healthy snacks, lunches.
  • Our award winning assembly presentation for elementary schools.   

    Learn about healthy eating with fun interactive games, drama, and puppets.   Can be adapted for classrooms as well.  

Other Programs Available

Cooking with Natalie

Join Natalie for a in home cooking lesson where she will walk your family through a whole food education and technique

Health Coaching

Shalom Health Coaching available with Grace Soeter (MDiv.) ​

Daniel Plan (6 Weeks)

Learn about healthy eating using Biblical guidelines in a small group setting