Rainbow Kids in Happyland

Nutrition Workshops Especially for Preschoolers

Rainbow Kids in Happyland is a one-hour presentation (1/2 hour for the kids, 1/2 hour for the parents) for preschoolers AND their parents, featuring games, puppets, songs, and drama.

Topics covered include:

  • Rainbow Kids in Happyland skit (Junkie Gangster tempts the Rainbow kids to eat junk foods but Mother Nature comes to the rescue).
  • Count the Sugar Game (practice counting numbers by learning how many sugar packets are in foods and why too much sugar is not good for you)
  • Traffic Light Foods (red (bad) green (good) yellow (caution))
  • Rainbow Foods (Mother Nature teaches the kids to eat fruits and veggies in all colors of the rainbow — includes the ABC Fruits & Veggies game and cheer!)
  • Fruit Freeze Song (exercise fun)
  • It’s All Up to You (puppet song)

Would you like us to bring this interactive presentation to your school, community center, or other organization? We can adapt it to fit your unique setting and needs. Just fill out this brief form and we’ll contact you to set something up!