Nutrition Made Simple

Nutrition Made Simple is a one-hour presentation for parents who want fun and practical ways to improve their family’s nutrition.

Topics covered include:

  • Fast Food Nation: Are we overfed, but malnourished?
  • Sugar: Is it really bad for you?
  • Good fats, bad fats
  • Teaching children about eating right
  • Traffic Light Foods (red (bad) green (good) yellow (caution))
  • Nutrition Spy Kids (Learn to read food labels and look for things to avoid, like partially hydrogenated oils)
  • Rainbow Foods (Learn about the different colors of fruits and vegetables and why we need them in our diet every day)
  • Benefits of fruits and vegetables in disease prevention
  • Healthy snacking and healthy food substitutions
  • Whole food nutrition vs. fragmented vitamins

Our program also includes a presentation of the video Making a Difference by Dr. William Sears, America’s most renowned pediatrician and author of 30 books including Family Nutrition and Lean Kids.

Would you like us to bring this interactive presentation to your school, community center, or other organization? We can adapt it to fit your unique setting and needs. Just fill out this brief form and we’ll contact you to set something up!